Are there any height or weight restrictions on the rides?

Yes, there are height restrictions on the rides. These are available on the park map.

What clothing can I wear on the rides?

Swimwear and non-denim clothing that does not contain any rigid or metallic parts is permitted on the rides. The use of glasses and footwear (flip-flops) is not permitted under any circumstances.

Can I wear a waterproof camera on the rides?

You may bring a waterproof camera, but you may not use a selfie stick or any plastic or other rigid material attachment tools.

Online tickets

How long are the tickets valid?

As a general rule, products with a choice of date are valid on the chosen date and products without a choice of date are valid for 90 days from the date of purchase. The validity of each product in our online shop is indicated in its description.

Can I use the tickets on the day of purchase?

You can use the tickets on the same day of purchase with the exception of undated and discounted products, including but not limited to Friends Pack and Family Pack. This limitation is indicated in the product description, if applicable.

If the purchase is completed between 23:00 and 23:59 (Canary Islands time), due to a technical issue your ticket will show that the tickets were purchased the following day. In this case, the actual date of purchase is taken into account, not the date on the ticket.

Why do all tickets show the same name?

The name of the purchaser (or the e-mail address used to complete the purchase if the purchase was made in a guest session) appears on the tickets. The tickets are not nominal and the name only appears for quick identification of the purchaser.

Is the age of the visitors checked?

It is important to choose the correct ticket type (Adult, Child, Mini or Senior) for each visitor. The centre reserves the right to require at the entrance an official document proving the date of birth of the customer. In the absence of this, a height criterion will be applied using the gauges available at the entrance to the park.

Canary Islands residents

What document do I need to take advantage of the reduced prices for residents of the Canary Islands?

To take advantage of the reduced prices for residents when buying tickets online or at the park ticket office, each visitor must present the original ID card proving residence in the Canary Islands.

Dolphin Interaction

How can I book my place for the dolphin interaction?

Booking in advance is not possible. Once inside the park our team will inform you about the daily activities we do with the dolphins and make your reservation. This activity is not included in the park entrance fee and a supplement must be paid. Places are limited, so it is recommended that you arrive at the park from the opening time.

What dolphin activities are available?

The activities that we offer are: a poolside encounter and an in-pool experience (swimming is not allowed).

What is the minimum age for dolphin encounters?

Children must be 5 years old or older for the edge encounter and 135 centimetres or taller for the in-pool experience.


Can I bring food inside the park?

Yes, you can bring your own food and drink. Access with glass containers is prohibited.

Are there restaurants or cafeterias in the park?

Yes, we have several restaurants and cafeterias with a wide variety of dishes and drinks.