At Aqualand Costa Adeje we have an amazing dolphinarium that houses 12 bottlenose dolphins.

The facility is designed for their wellbeing. In the same way, the trainers carry out the daily tasks necessary for the animals to be in perfect conditions (feeding, medical behaviour, analysis).

The dolphins are undoubtedly the stars of the park and every day there is an exhibition (awarded by the IMATA as the best in the world) with educational content, with the aim that our visitors learn more about these fantastic animals and in this way raise as much awareness as possible of the need to take care not only of this species in particular but also of their habitat in general. At the same time, our visitors will witness a series of exercises in which they will appreciate the incredible skills and strength of these animals as well as their relationship with their trainers.

As a reproduction centre we are very proud to have hosted 15 births of this species (Tursiops truncatus).

We also count with the Dolphin planet, a space where you can learn more about these amazing animals at the same time that you can watch them swimming from an underwater area.

Dolphin Exhibitions Timetable:

Every day of the week: 15.30 hours.

*The company reserves the right to change the timetable at any time.