Ticket Prices

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Web Tickets NOT VALID for the same day of purchase.
Web Tickets valid 90 days from the date of purchase

One day Pass

Adult* 28,00€ 26,00€

Child** 19,00€ 17,00€

Toddler*** 10,00€ 8,00€

2 Parks Tickets (Aqualand Maspalomas + Palmitos Park)

Adult* 59,00€ 48,00€

Child** 41,50€ 34,00€

Toddler*** 20,00€ 15,00€

Family Pack (2 adults* + 2 Children**)

Only available online 80,00€

Friends Pack (4 adults*)

Only available online 96,00€

1 day pass Canary Islands Residents

Adult* 23,00€

Child** 15,00€

Toddler*** 7,00€

2 Parks Ticket (Aqualand Maspalomas + Palmitos Park) Canary Islands Residents

Adult* 40,00€

Child** 29,00€

Toddler*** 9,00€

Adult* (11 or more years old. And/or taller than 1.40m)
Child** (5-10 years old. And/or 1.10m to 1.40m)
Mini*** (3-4 years old. And/or 0.90m to 1.10m)
0-2 years old. And/or less than 0.90m: Free admision

Tickets purchased online must be printed first in order to enter the park.



The Tickets purchased on the web must be printed. Full price will apply without a printed ticket.

For other prices and conditions contact us on: +34 928140525
The company reserves the right to change prices / discounts at any given time and also the right to close attractions for routine maintenance, notification of such events will be communicated in the ticket office.

Rules of the park