Rules of the park

Rules of the park

To fully enjoy the wonderful world of Aspro’s parks with family or friends the following rules and regulations must be adhered to:


At the entrance of the park our staff will verify visually the age of customers. This will be the main criteria for defining what rate belongs to each customer. In cases where there is reasonable doubt about age, you will ask the customer (or responsible adult thereof) document certifying the age of the costumer. If the identification document is not provided, the customer will be asked to define measurement applicable rate. If there is difference between the applicable rate and the ticket already paid, the customer will be charged the corresponding difference.

Rates and applicable age and measures ranges are shown below:

Rate1st criteria: Ages2nd criteria: Size
FreeUnder 3 years oldLower than 0,9m
MiniFrom 3 to 4 years oldFrom 0,9 to 1,10m
ChildFrom 5 to 10 years oldFrom 1,10 to 1,40m
AdultFrom 11 to 65 years oldTaller than 1,40m
SeniorMore tan 65 years old

Each attraction or facility is designed for a particular use and the terms of use of each of them and other indications distributed around the park must be followed, given that as well as ensuring your safety they are designed for your enjoyment and health whilst on the premises.

Picnic can only be practiced in the specifically designated areas.

The sun beds and sun chairs can be used only in the allocated areas and it is forbidden to move them to other zones.

The majority of the park’s attractions have mechanical and electrical components therefore the company reserves the right to close attractions for maintenance; you will always be notified in writing at the ticket desk. Should one or several attractions be out of order, you will not be entitled to a refund in whole or part of the cost of the entrance ticket.

The customer is not entitled to any refund of the entrance ticket once inside the park facilities, nor when weather conditions cause the decision to close the attractions or the park.

In case of serious breakdown, catastrophe or threat of explosive or any other type of threat, the Park Manager may decide to vacate the premises for safety reasons. No refund of the entrance ticket or any other concept may be claimed.

The company has the right to change prices, discounts, opening hours or opening dates at any time for reasons of their own or beyond the park’s control.

In the interests of hygiene and safety all customers that use the water attractions should be dressed only in swimwear.

The Park Management reserves the right of admission and may also, if the conduct of one or more users is not correct, proceed to expulsion from the premises.

Printed invitations will not allowed.

The height restrictions for the attraccions are the following:

Polynesia – for all ages

Miniparke – for all ages

Río Lento – for all ages

Dragoland – for all ages

Jacuzzi – for all ages

Grand Cañón – for all ages

Multipistas – for all ages

Adventureland – from 0m to 1,50m

Formula Race – from 1,20m

Tornado – from 1,20m

King Cobra – from 1,20m

Kamikaze – from 1,20m

Mad Lab – from 1,20m

Rapids – from 1,20m

Crazy Race – from 1,20m

Anaconda – 2 slides from 1,20m – 1 slide for all ages

2 Waves Pools – for all ages

Banzai – from 1,20m

Cola del Diablo – from 1,20m



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